Send Flowers to Baltimore

Want to send flowers to someone in Baltimore? It's easy to do when you use a reputable international florist.

We recommend working with an online florist that specializes exclusively in international flower deliveries.

Such firms are likely to have the strongest, most active network of international florists - plus their entire business operations are geared to successful ordering, payment and delivery of international orders.

You can tell when an online florist is focused on international deliveries by the way their website is organized. If you have to click from the home page to an 'international orders' section, that's not a good sign.

Instead, you want a florist whose website asks you to 'choose your country' right at the top of the home page. Ideally, their website might give you other choices like language or currency, too.

Recommended International Florists

You can find many international florists to deliver flowers to Baltimore, MD . Many no doubt can do the job.

We recommend:


Floraqueen international florist

Floraqueen is the best international florist we know. Based in Barcelona, Spain, they are completely set up to send flowers to friends, family, and acquaintances overseas.

Floraqueen offers same day delivery of flowers to most any country through a huge network of local florists operating worldwide. Floraqueen works closely with their local florists and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will be happy with the flowers that get delivered.

Floraqueen offers a nice selection of flower arrangements at various prices, but keep in mind that arrangements shown are approximate. The local florist that delivers your order will tailor the arrangement to suit local tastes using locally available flowers and colors.

The Floraqueen website makes it easy to choose the destination country you want to send flowers to. The website also provides versions in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. They also allow you to easily specify among 4 currencies: USD $, Euro €, GBP £, and CAD $, so you can see prices in the currency you prefer (though payment is always taken in Euros).

In addition to flowers, Floraqueen can also deliver gift baskets, chocolates, and wines in certain countries.

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How to Send Flowers Overseas

Buying something perishable like flowers online is a bit of a gamble, so make sure you pick an international florist that looks professional and has a good reputation.

Ordering flowers is a pretty straightforward process, but international ordering is a little more complicated.

Here are a few tips:

International florist Baltimore
  • The floral arrangements pictured on company websites are illustrative. They are meant to indicate approximate size, color, and basic arrangement of flowers, but not the exact flowers or vases shown. In season local flowers will almost surely be different from what's shown, especially for international orders.
  • Lead times for international deliveries are often longer than for local orders - order early enough to get your flowers there on time.
  • When ordering for special occasions, be sure to allow enough lead time for delivery. Many florists have order deadlines for the most popular dates - like Mother's Day.
  • Factor in time zone differences! While it may be early morning where you are, it could already be the next day in the country you're sending flowers to.
  • Consider local holidays and/or business schedules when ordering. It may not be a holiday where you are, but it could be in your destination country.
  • International florist Baltimore
  • Place international orders only with online vendors who clearly handle a lot of them. If the international orders section on their website looks like an afterthought, it is probably also an afterthought in real life.
  • Buy from vendors that offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If possible, discreetly confirm with your recipient that they got something proportionate to what you paid.
  • Before providing your credit card information, confirm that the vendor uses proper security protections - look for 'badges' from GeoTrust, Verisign, or other recognized transaction processors.
  • To avoid mix-ups, be extra careful when providing address and phone number information. Providing the wrong info can result in delivery delays and may possibly nullify the guarantee.

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